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  "It's like the time capsule with everything in it. Or like the seed that when you plant it, becomes the enormous tree with leaves and fruit. Everybody was in that little seed, and so everything can open. The tree of dance is like that. It just takes a long, long time to blossom." - George Balanchine 


Embrace the Future with Wellness for Dancers

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Now is the time to bring out your personal power for self-discovery, enhanced well-being, and attaining your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Together we can turn your challenges into victories! 

“The journey toward self-discovery is life’s greatest adventure.” Arianna Huffington 


About Me

Greetings! I’m Dr. Alice Schluger, a Professional Life & Wellness Coach through the Institute of Life Coach Training and a Certified Wellness Practitioner (CWP) through the National Wellness Institute. In addition, I hold a PhD in Health Psychology and a Master of Arts Degree in Community Health Education. I have taught graduate courses in Health & Wellness Psychology and possess expertise in various areas within the health field, including health education, program planning, project coordination, and clinical research. 

The majority of my academic research has been focused on the health and wellness issues of the dance population. I have studied ballet for many years and have a strong passion for helping dancers live healthier and happier lives and achieve their dreams.  

If you would like to read more about my research, you may check out the publication listed below:  

Schluger, AE. Disordered eating attitudes and behavior in female college dance students: Comparison of modern dance and ballet dance majors. North American Journal of Psychology, 12(1), 117-128. 

What I enjoy most about coaching is the personal connection with dancers in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. Our coaching conversations will be spontaneous and creative to assist in furthering your learning and insight. Dancers, like other athletes, strive to bring out the best in themselves. Coaching is designed to improve focus and awareness so you can find greater fulfillment in all aspects of your life.  


What Can Life & Wellness Coaching Accomplish?

Supporting Your Success


Life/Wellness Coaching

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Coaches help clients make positive changes to create the most fulfilling life possible and maximize their potential. The essence of coaching is wellness-oriented but encompasses the whole individual and taking responsibility for one’s own choices. This is accomplished by “dancing in the moment” and engaging clients in commitment and action. Dancers face many personal and professional challenges and have a unique passion for their rigorous but beautiful art form. As your coach, we will work together in a collaborative partnership to explore and attain your life/wellness goals, visions, and desires.

Life & Wellness Coaches are not therapists, consultants, or mentors and do not engage in problem-solving or treat psychological disorders. Coaches use a holistic approach to form an alliance with clients within a shared, supportive environment. Wellness coaching for dancers may also focus on specific areas, such as those pertaining to dance training, nutrition, injury prevention, performance enhancement, work-life balance, and career transition. Finding balance and centering in our daily lives is an essential part of the growth process, similar to working towards these goals in the dance setting.  ​

Work With Me

Get the Most out of Life

Dancers strive to be as healthy as possible in an effort to manage the demands of training and performing while maintaining stamina, concentration, and proper nutrition. Do you find yourself skipping meals, not getting enough sleep, or having little time for fun and relaxation to meet your expectations as a dancer? Maybe you have felt overwhelmed by the pressures and have moments of self-doubt, disappointment, and insecurity? Have you ever felt stuck or uncertain about how to move forward?

Dancers have many choices, opportunities and competing priorities to consider. Decision-making can be difficult to handle alone without professional support. That’s where coaching comes in -- having a clear vision of your goals, motivations, and desires can help you find the best path to follow. When you work with me one-on-one as your coach, we will develop a plan that will get you where you want to be. I welcome the opportunity to work with both professional and non-professional dancers, including dance students over the age of 18.

Awareness ~ Action ~ Achievement

Working together will be an exciting journey of discovery to facilitate awareness, action, and achievement. We will explore and identify your choices, harness your strengths, and create action steps that will highlight and fulfill your true passion. Just as in dance, learning new steps doesn’t happen overnight, but patience and commitment to the coaching process will lead to enrichment and enlightenment. 

 Coaching Sessions

Guidance & Inspiration

Most coaching alliances are about 90 days in duration, but the time frame may vary with each client. Each session is about 20-30 minutes long, and we will generally meet on a weekly basis. The coaching sessions are usually conducted by phone, but other options include In-person, Skype or FaceTime consultations.

To get started, please use the contact form or send an e-mail message to info@wellnessfordancers.com to receive more information about the session preparation, fee schedules, and policies and procedures.

I would love to work with you… Get in touch today and start taking control of your life with my coaching tools and techniques. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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